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The Extreme Poor Take a Leap Forward

CH jumping with the Maasai tribe.

In an article from Yale Global Online, Laurence Chandy and Geoffrey Gertz make the claim that the number of extreme poor fell from 1.37 billion in 2005 to 820 million, over a six year period.

This is great news, but why did this happen? Chandy and Gertz credit these trends: the rise of globalization, the spread of capitalism and the improving quality of economic governance.

“The poor countries that display the greatest success today are those that are engaging with the global economy, allowing market prices to balance supply and demand and to allocate scarce resources.”

If these trends seem to be working so well to help the extreme poor around the world, shouldn’t we also focus on them to help the needy in our country?

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Water Bottle = Light Bulb?

Simple concepts can be life-changing for the extreme poor. Watch this terrific video about lighting homes of the poor with a simple water bottle.  Amazing stuff if we only take a look at what God has already provided.

We can bring these types of simple innovations to the poor, if you help.  Spread the word to your Facebook friends, tweet about it, and support agencies helping the poor, i.e. Bright Hope

What do you think about this concept?  Does it inspire you?

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Delhi Slum

I spent today in a slum area of New Delhi.  The project was started by a local church a few kilometers away.  Literacy classes, job creation projects, a preschool, and church services are all part of this outreach. 40,000 people live between three sets of railway tracks.  Young girls and women are at risk of prostitution, rape and domestic violence.    Most people work long hours for a few pennies.

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No other agencies or churches are ministering here.  You can support this project here: Help Delhi Slum

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